Cellulose sausage casing

Cellulose sausage casing

Wienie-Pak casing

Our cellulose product line is called Wienie-Pak. The Wienie-Pak casing has the tendency to shrink and tightly wrap the sausage after stuffing, creating a nicely shaped product with excellent shoulder formation and a well-defined shape. It is recommended for processing smaller-diameter skinless sausages including frankfurters, hot-dog sausages, beer sausages, mini salamis and other similar products. With Wienie-Pak, we seek to provide the most efficient cellulose casing on the market.

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High Yields and a Good Appearance

Wienie-Pak casing is supplied to meet various stuffing requirements. It is available in transparent form and in several different colors and can be supplied with stripes. These stripes are very useful for identification and food safety purposes. They are available for all current codes and strand lengths as well as in different colors.

When properly selected for your product, the casing will ensure an efficient stuffing process and increased productivity. Proper, efficient thermal processing of your product will facilitate best overall productivity. The casing is usually peeled off after the smoking and cooking cycles have been completed.

When using Wienie-Pak as final packaging, the casing can also be printed in one color with the customer's logo or in line with customer-specific requirements to achieve a more attractive final product. One or both sides can be printed.

Tailor-Made Products

Our team works to ensure Wienie-Pak is tailored to optimize customer performance. Depending on peeling objectives, it can be supplied with two types of internal coatings: Smash and Rapid Peel. Smash is primarily used for applications with less strict peeling requirements or when the casing is not removed during production. Rapid Peel is available in a range of formulations and designed for high-speed, efficient in-house peeling applications.

Wienie-Pak can also be tailored to meet the demands of both large and small sausage manufacturers as well as for high-precision and high-speed production processes. It can be shirred with a maximum inner bore size to be used with larger-diameter stuffing tubes for increased stuffing efficiency. For high-speed and fully automatic stuffing, we offer closed-end casings with different types of end closures. For manual stuffing, open-end shirred casings are supplied. We have multiple Wienie-Pak structures to achieve a wide variety of customer application performance goals.

Sustainable Casing Solutions to Meet Logistical Needs

ViskoTeepak can offer various packaging types and alternatives to suit the user's convenience as well as to minimize any negative ecological effects or sustainability issues. The different packaging alternatives can lead to significant savings in shipping costs due to weight and volume reductions. We can even offer logistical solutions with zero cardboard waste.

With Wienie-Pak cellulose casing, there are no waste disposal problems. The casings are biodegradable and suitable for composting. With effective logistics and ecologically friendly disposal routes, Wienie-Pak is a product that conforms to ViskoTeepak's way of looking at our environment and how we work to achieve sustainable development.