Aly Film


Ally Films

Our films offer a variety of features that deliver high performance on all of today’s leading equipment. Multiple gauges, treatment, shrink and color options make it the easy choice. High-definition printing capabilities let you upgrade your graphics to the latest designs in high resolution, and a wide sealing-temperature range ensures a reliable seal in high-speed operation.

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Extended shelf life

Ally films are a popular choice for food packaging purposes and consist of a wide range of materials that vary in complexity based on a product’s requirements. Our films score in terms of safety over conventional materials for food packaging. The material is very resistant to contamination and the shelf life of food products becomes longer. Ally films gives the food items an attractive look and is leveraged for branding purposes.

Possible Applications

  • Ally Co-extruded
  • Ally Laminated
  • Ally Rigid
  • Ally Heat Seal

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