Wienie-Pak Colored Casings

Wienie-Pak Colored

When it comes to the Wienie-Pak casings, the range of possibilities for making skinless sausages look more attractive to the consumer is relatively limited. Colored casings are a universal marketing tool that can be used everywhere regardless of local traditions.

Recommended for helping identify the product inside (e.i. red casing for pepper hot dogs).


  • Available in red, blue, green and smoke variants
  • Smokable and permeable
  • Casing is final packaging


  • Casing color to identify the content of the sausage (red for pepper)
  • Uniform sausage color after peeling
  • Saves the peeling time
  • Sell casing weight

Typical Applications

  • Smaller-size sausages sold in casing to boost content inside