Glide fibrous sausage casing

Fibrous Glide

Glide is our standard (ST) fibrous casing technology combined with a special internal coating for extremely smooth internal surface. This high-quality casing is recommended for stuffing whole-muscle and large-chunk products that require a premium easy-glide feature. Glide has also shown outstanding peeling results in frozen applications.

Recommended for stuffing large-piece meat products and for peeling frozen products.


  • Caliber range: 75-165 mm
  • Good gliding properties
  • Superior caliber consistency
  • Superior strength
  • Largest range of meat adhesion levels
  • High transparency


  • Extremely consistent final product size
  • Superior stuffing performance
  • Less breakage
  • High efficiency

Typical Applications:

  • Frozen-peeled products
  • Cooked and smoked hams
  • Smoked cheese
  • Whole-muscle products
  • Vegetarian sausages
  • Sliced products
  • Chub sausages