Collagen sausage casing

Collagen sausage casing

Working with the best

ViskoTeepak is working with some of the biggest and best producers in the world and can in partnership with them offer you some of the best casing solutions in the collagen business. We offer high-quality collagen for the German and U.S. market. In Germany we offer Devro edible collagen, and for the U.S. market we offer Nippi as edible and Fibran as non-edible collagen.

Collagen is a very good casing alternative that provides numerous benefits that natural casings do not. Collagen is an economical choice, notably for its safety and versatility. Collagen casings can be used for a wide range of applications such as cooked, fresh and dry sausages.

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We offer collagen in the USA and Germany

Devro (German), Fibran (USA) & Nippi (USA)