Brilliant fibrous sausage casing

Fibrous Brilliant

Brilliant is our XL fibrous casing technology that features reliable, lightweight construction combined with a specially developed coating to create a glossy appearance that will catch the customer’s attention.

Recommended for dry and semi-dry products sold as chubs and presented in casings.


  • Caliber range: 35-100 mm
  • Glossy appearance
  • High caliber consistency
  • High strength
  • Medium range of meat adhesion levels
  • High transparency
  • Good stretchability
  • Wrinkle resistance
  • Good permeability


  • High stuffing performance
  • Highly consistent final product size
  • Improved presentation

Typical Applications:

  • Chub sausages
  • Cooked and smoked hams
  • Salami and dry sausages
  • Semi-dry sausages
  • Luncheon meats