Wienie-Pak Window

Wienie-Pak Window

Window is a Wienie-Pak cellulose casing designed for easier color formation control and unpeeled casing detection. With its overall surface pigmented at about 80 percent, it allows to be sure the casing is completely peeled off the sausage in production. With 20 percent still fully transparent, it's possible to track the sausage color formation during processing. Window is also designed to meet the increasing food-safety requirements.

Recommended for the ultimate process control while keeping maximum speeds.


  • Pigmented and transparent areas
  • Pigmented for peeling efficiency control
  • Transparent for color formation control



  • Improved food safety
  • Visual detection of unpeeled casing

Typical Applications:

  • Wide range of skinless sausages
  • Frankfurters
  • Hot-dog sausages
  • Mini salamis