Vista Gel

Our co-extrusion product line is called Vista Gel. It's available in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

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What is Vista Gel?

Vista Gel is a sodium alginate-based product ideally suited for use in the co-extrusion manufacture of all types of sausages. Sodium alginate, derived from brown seaweed, is a sustainable casing material that is seen as an attractive solution to the automated, continuous production of co-extruded sausages. Vista Gel is a cost-saving, high-performing product that allows for the continuous production of sausages while offering proven economic advantages over traditional methods. It's a great choice for the next generation of continuous-improvement and co-extrusion alternatives. From snack sticks to fresh sausages, ViskoTeepak’s Vista Gel provides optimum performance, short lead times to suit U.S. manufacturing, and a wide range of capabilities to give you an unmatched advantage in your product and operations.

Vista Gel offers proven performance on industry-leading co-extrusion equipment in the market today. ViskoTeepak’s U.S. manufacturing offers rapid response, short lead times, and consistent quality and availability.

Sustainability with Cost Advantages

Vista Gel is derived from natural, sustainable seaweed, so it offers a simple ingredient declaration suitable for use in vegetarian, fish, meat and poultry sausage applications and pricing stability due to the rich natural resource.

Broad Range of Applications

Vista Gel provides a wide range of product solutions. Vista Gel has proven success in raw, fully cooked, cook-in-package, retorted and dry sausage applications. Vista Gel has also demonstrated its success in fresh and frozen applications. Vista Gel is available in the "Natural," Kosher, Flavored, and Colored varieties to suit your unique application.