Preserve fibrous sausage casing

Fibrous Preserve

Preserve is any fibrous casing except Xtreme supplied with an antimycotic coating to inhibit and reduce fungal growth. It works in the toughest production conditions where fungal growth is a problem. Preserve’s active component, natamycin, has been used in the food industry for decades to combat fungal outgrowth in meats and dairy products and it’s approved by the safety authorities.

Recommended for extended product storage without mold growth.


  • Caliber range: 32-100 mm (larger calibers upon request)
  • Applicable to all basic fibrous casings
  • Available in all adhesion levels
  • Combinable with all color alternatives
  • Compliant with all EU and US food regulations
  • Adjustable antifungal properties
  • Two standard levels: Pr High 1 and Pr Low 3



  • Inhibited fungal growth
  • Less mold: Impairs the conditions that could encourage mold growth


Typical Applications:

  • Salami, semi-dry and dry sausages