Cellulose sausage casing D-Tech

Wienie-Pak D-Tech

D-Tech is a Wienie-Pak cellulose casing innovation for automated sausage production, ensuring precise peeling and color tracking. It is made with a unique detectable component incorporated in its body. Under normal conditions, it's a fully transparent casing that generates strong reflections for automated sorting through the optical detection system. 

Recommended for when a very high level of food safety is required.


  • Transparent for color formation control
  • Detectable for quality control and safety



  • Reduced labor cost
  • Less workforce needed
  • Improved food safety
  • Higher hygiene level
  • Reliable detection of non-peeled casing pieces
  • Detection and sorting automation

Typical Applications:

  • All types of skinless sausages
  • Frankfurters
  • Hot-dog sausages
  • Mini salamis