Nova True Series

Nova True Series

Products in our Nova True series offer the power of a stable, stronger oriented plastic casing designed for cylindrical products. With selections for high and low expansion products, the series offers increased caliber control which also helps very small diameter products have excellent sizing consistency, with every chub at the same length as the last. With its very high durability, this casing is recommended for products that are hanged during processing and require a good final-size consistency. It also suits well products sold in the casing as the consumer packaging or peeled and sliced by the manufacturer.

Recommended for products that can handle longer processing times. 

Series description:

Size/caliber controlled small diameter products, pet foods that require print and wrinkle free processing.


  • Pet foods thermally processed for retail
  • Liverwurst
  • Small diameter chubs
  • Braunschweiger
  • Meat analogue rolls
  • Retail oriented products with small diameters or harsh thermal processes

Product Options:

  • RHC
  • XT
  • LT
  • REP
  • RXM
  • RP