Health & Safety

Continuous Development of Occupational Safety

ViskoTeepak has been member of a zero-accidents occupational safety program for several years. The goal is to improve the safety culture and achieve a safety level comparable to the best in the chemical industry. Occupational safety has a high priority at all plants. ViskoTeepak Lommel plant is OHSAS 18001 certified. Line management does monthly safety observation tours and safety talks continuously. The occupational health committee coordinates risk assessments and is a forum for employees to raise questions about safety and practices in the plant. All recordable and lost-time accidents are reported and reviewed. Our goal is to take every measure necessary to prevent accidents from recurring.

Occupational safety is a joint cause requiring ongoing effort from both employees and management in order to maintain and develop a safe working culture. The long-term goal is to prevent all accidents from happening. Employee’s safety awareness has increased continuously and the target is that every employee understands his/her role in maintaining safe workplace which will lead to the reduction of incidents. ViskoTeepak has set group-level targets for key safety indicators. These key indicators are amounts of injuries and injury frequency. We have set targets and made commitments to reduce our injury amounts by 50% in the next five years. Our employees are also encouraged to do safety observation reports of all incidents that they feel are unsafe and suggest safety improvements to the workplace and working methods. Safety observation reports are reviewed every other week and actions are taken permanently. The foundation of safety development at the plant is built on safety observations and the corrective actions thus taken. A global EHS committee including members from management of all production locations was established in 2016. The goal is to exchange information and best practices.


ViskoTeepak's goal is to keep every employee in good condition and to maintain the required ability to work. ViskoTeepak's healthcare program involves the whole organization. All employees are categorized according to physical efforts and exposures of their work. Health checkups are made every one to five years. Employee welfare is important to ViskoTeepak. We endorse sport activities to employees and support local teams.