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ViskoTeepak is one of the world's leading manufacturers of artificial casings (cellulose, fibrous and plastic) for the food industry. We also offer the highest-quality collagen casings through our partnership with some of the best collagen producers in the world.

We have the largest selection of fibrous casings in the world and are able to manufacture the widest range of fibrous casing diameters, including both the smallest and largest casing sizes. All our products come with excellent caliber consistency and processing properties.

Fibrous casing

Our fibrous casings are produced in Hanko (Finland) and Lommel (Belgium). We’re the world’s leading manufacturer of fibrous casings, in terms of volume as well as variety. We also offer the widest range of diameters — from the smallest to the largest casing diameter — with excellent caliber consistency and curing properties. Fibrous casings can be used for a wide range of applications, such as pepperoni, salami, luncheon meats and much more.

Fibrous casing

Fibrous sausage casing

Cellulose casing

Wienie-Pak is our cellulose casing produced in Lommel. We’re one of the big players in the cellulose market, and our reputation is based on the ability to provide our customers with the most efficient cellulose casing available. Wienie-Pak is used for the processing of all kinds of frankfurters, hot-dog sausages, beer sausages, mini-salamis and similar skinless sausages.

Cellulose casing

Cellulose sausage casing

Plastic Casing

Nova is our plastic casing produced in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. The Nova casing is a combination of different types of high-performance plastic resins, which work together to provide a unique level of performance. The superior mechanical, optical and barrier properties of the Nova plastic casing, together with meat adhesion, make it an excellent choice for sausage production. The Nova casing is used for a wide range of cooked ham products, liver sausage, pâté, different cheese products and more.

Plastic casing



Collagen casings are offered in edible and non-edible forms. It’s a very good alternative that provides numerous benefits that natural casings do not. Collagen is an economical choice, notably for its safety and versatility. Collagen casings can be used for a wide range of applications such as cooked, fresh and dry sausages. We offer high-quality collagen for the German and U.S. market. In Germany we offer Devro edible collagen, and for the U.S. market we offer Nippi as edible and Fibran as non-edible collagen.

Collagen casing

Collagen sausage casing