Map: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France

Distribution of ViskoTeepak OY fibrous casings

Distribution of ViskoTeepak oy fibrous casings in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and France

Please be informed that the partnership between ViskoTeepak Oy and DAT-Schaub A/S on distribution of Visko fibrous casings in Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, and Sweden is coming to an end. The partnership will cease during 2017, and our customers will be contacted and informed of more details in due time. We are looking forward to a good co-operation between the parties involved for the remaining period of our partnership. Should require more detailed information, please contact our responsible Sales Directors Mr. Petri Kippilä (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway) or Mr. Eric Gijsen (France)

Dated 3rd of February 2017