Nova Shape Series

Nova Shape Series of products create a wide spectrum of shapes with ease. Designed for non-cylindrical products, special features of shrink, adhesion and thickness are tailor made to your application. From ham, poultry, vegan and cheese applications, results will light up your sales. From molded products to D-Shaped, our Shape Series of Nova products get the job done.

Series description:

Molds, Square Products & D-Shaped Products.


Cooked Ham & Poultry, Vegan, Meat Analogues, Butter, Cheeses. Retail and long shelf life oriented.

Tailor-made attributes:

  • Shrink Levels

  • Meat Adhesion

  • Easy Release

  • O2 Barrier

  • Gauge (mic)

  • Flexibility


    Special Function: UV, PR & Smoke