Plastic sausage casing Meat Adhesion Control

Nova Meat Adhesion Control

Nova Meat Adhesion Control is a plastic casing designed to control its cling properties with respect to the meat. It’s available in two varieties: Nova +AP for higher adhesion without purge, drip and liquid release and Nova MR for enhanced meat release resulting in improved peeling and slicing performance. The actual cling properties can be tailored to suit different types of products.


  • Caliber range:  35–205 mm (Nova +AP), 50–150 mm (Nova MR)
  • Printable and convertable
  • High or low shrinkability


  • No change of process or formula needed
  • Excellent cling properites
  • Excellent release properties
  • Increased or decreased meat adhesion

Typical Applications:

  • Bologna
  • Pork and poultry formulations
  • Wide range of products