Nova Core Series

With stellar performance our Nova Core series encompasses our group of high-performance multilayer plastic casing suitable for all types of round / cylinder-shaped products, including mortadella, chorizo, liver sausage, ground meats, pâté, soy, pet foods, butter and various cheese products. Giving you the power you need to achieve outstanding results!

Series description:

Main round product series, common chubs, logs, cheeses, butters, vegan products


Cooked Ham & Poultry, Vegan, Meat Analogues, Butter, Cheeses. Retail and long shelf life oriented.

Tailor-made attributes:

  • Shrink Levels
  • Meat Adhesion
  • Easy Release
  • O2 Barrier
  • Gauge (mic)
  • Flexibility
  • Special Function: UV, PR & Smoke