Fibrous Super Protect

Super Protect is a designed tailor-made solution for high demanding white mold salamis. Its development involved extensive customer feedback and rigorous field testing.


  • More meters per strand
  • Optimized hornfit options
  • Superior stuffability
  • Size consistency
  • Tailor-made casing construction and greater hanging weight
  • Great adhesion offering for optimized performance


  • Increased production output
  • Less smear, better hornfit
  • Increased stuffing speed and less breakage
  • Great shoulder formation, uniform drying and increased slicing yields
  • Optimized rack load, less slicing waste, better yields and reduced amount   of sausage end cuts
  • Improved peeling output and slicing yields

Typical applications

  • Winter Salami
  • Hungarian salami
  • Rossette
  • All applications with ripening times of up to 10-12 weeks, depending on the   size and final quality. Longer ripening times require testing