Wienie-Pak Long-Shirred

Nowadays, almost every industry requires constant development and suppliers of stuffing machinery for Wienie-Pak casing. Better and more powerful machinery is something that the industry is striving to find. Recently, many companies such as Townsend, Vemag, Handtmann, and Hitec have introduced new machinery to the market that needs a suitable casing for their performance and properties. The new machinery requires a change in the stuffing speed and parameters, which are now almost sixty centimeters, causing ViskoTeepak to develop long-shirred products.


Tailor-made products for every application

Improved strand surface and strand coherency

Strand length up to 56 cm

Wide range of products 200 – 250 feet

Applicable for the majority of Wienipak sizes

Applicable to all Wienipak colors, stripes, peeling solutions


Increase efficiency, yield and daily output in meat plants

Cost reduction

More meters in a carton, bulk

Faster stuffing thanks to larger hornfit

Less casing waste after stuffing generating by stuffing operators during making knots on ends

Less work for stuffing operators