Pre-Tied Elastic Loops

TNI pre-tied trussing loops are available world wide.

TNI Loops

Our pre-tied loops are used primarily for chicken trusses for rotisserie chicken processing, but they can also be used for tying corn-husk-wrapped tamales, holding bacon on filets, tournedos, rolled roasts and sliced hams, as well as to replace hand-tying for any food items around the kitchen. TNI loops meet all the specifications and requirements of the USDA and the FDA as well as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Chicken Tuckers

Chicken Tuckers are perfect for rotisserie chicken. The loops can also be used for ties on bacon-wrapped filets, holding corn husks onto tamales, beef roll-ups (braciole), boned and tied roasts, and many other food items in the kitchen that require tying.

Tamale Tuckers

The Tamale Tucker is a smaller version of the Chicken Tucker. It's used by commercial tamale manufacturers, food services, retail stores and even at-home tamale makers. They hold the corn husk onto the masa and meat of that popular Hispanic treasure, the tamale. Because there are so many varieties of tamales, the use of TNI’s patented color strings can also be used as a method for identifying certain ingredients or spices. 

Perfect Wrap

Perfect Wrap is made of a special polyester yarn that resists sticking to the skin's surface. It can be used on any fowl, including wild game. It's also ideal for beef roll-ups, stuffed pork chops, pre-sliced baked hams and tamales, and even to hold the bacon onto a filet or for tournedos.

To learn more, visit ViskoTeepak TNI or contact our sales team in the USA.