Vista Gel Enhanced

Vista Gel Enhanced is the perfect choice for many applications. Enhanced is the product choice where "All Natural" is required. Vista Gel Enhanced provides all the features of the Standard, together with color and strength for hanging. As always, Vista Gel provides ideal strength, bite and appearance for many raw and cooked sausage-link applications.


  • Available in various designs in terms of color and taste
  • Adaptable to a specific product and process
  • Ideal for kosher, halal and vegetarian products
  • Suitable for raw products
  • Adhesion to the meat (substrate)
  • Suitable for "All Natural" labeling


  • Offers new production possibilities for traditional products
  • Opens up the potential to develop new products
  • Endless production
  • Perfect product presentation
  • Cost savings in casings and labor
  • Full process control and traceability
  • Flexible adjustment of length and diameter
  • Consistent product
  • Uniform quality

Typical Applications:

Enhanced is the perfect choice where "All Natural" labeling is required.

  • Great diversity of applications for fresh and dry sausage products
  • Raw sausage links (refrigerated or frozen)
  • Cooked sausage links (refrigerated, frozen, bulk-packed, MAP packed, vacuum-packed)
  • Smoked sausage links (refrigerated, frozen, bulk-packed, MAP packed, vacuum-packed)
  • Semi-dry sausages
  • Dry sausages
  • Vegetable, seafood, meat or poultry sausages