Food packaging

ViskoTeepak is a food-packaging supplier with more than four decades of service to the meat and poultry processing industry. Today, our packaging materials and brands are mainly offered in Germany, Canada and the USA.


Our co-extrusion product line is called Vista Gel. It's available in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Vista Gel is a sodium alginate-based product ideally suited for use in the co-extrusion manufacture of all types of sausages. Sodium alginate, derived from brown seaweed, is a sustainable casing material that is seen as an attractive solution to the automated, continuous production of co-extruded sausages.


ViskoTeepak's extensive Vivid pouch line is available in the USA and Canada. Vivid pouches give you an entirely new level of quality for your product presentation. Ten-color high-resolution rotogravure printing at our G7 Master Printer-certified facility makes colors pop and gives images an exceptionally photo-realistic look, making your product stand out for strong sales and more profit.


Our thermoforming and heat-seal films are available in Germany, Canada and the USA. We offer a variety of features that deliver high performance on all of today’s leading equipment. Multiple gauges, treatment, shrink and color options make it the easy choice. High-definition printing capabilities let you upgrade your graphics to the latest designs in high resolution, and a wide sealing-temperature range ensures a reliable seal in high-speed operation.


Shrink bags provide a barrier against oxygen and moisture to maximize your product's shelf life. Our shrink bags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Pre-Tied Elastic Loops

Our pre-tied loops are used primarily for chicken trusses for rotisserie chicken processing, but they can also be used for tying corn-husk-wrapped tamales, holding bacon on filets, tournedos, rolled roasts and sliced hams, as well as to replace hand-tying for any food items around the kitchen.