New Innovation Center

A few years ago, when ViskoTeepak Slavkov moved to a new building in Brno, we created a room for Wienie-Pak casing testing. When I first saw this room, there was no ceiling, no electricity, almost nothing. Only space. We originally referred to this room as our internal test kitchen, an area containing only two stuffing machines and a mixer for gel. Here we would only be able to perform routine gel stuffing tests.

ViskoTeepak’s strength is excellent casing quality, tailor-made products that fit every customer’s application, and product development. These applications need actual conditions, meaning meat stuffing, cooking, and peeling tests. To stay competitive and improve, we used external test kitchens for these kinds of tests. Using these test kitchens worked well until Covid slowed down internal development because these facilities would not allow anyone into their plants. At that time, ViskoTeepak’s ownership decided to invest money in a test kitchen of our own, resulting in independence and our way of doing the test. It was not only an investment but a dream that came true.

The development of our very own space started in 2021, and our first thought was this was not a test kitchen anymore, this was an Innovation Center. A place where our products would be tailor-made, improved and developed. This new project took off. Construction work began, and we were looking for new machinery and creating the documentation to allow this place in the Brno facility.

Thanks to many people’s help and hard work, the project of the Innovation Center is now complete. ViskoTeepak’s fully equipped Innovation Center is used for preparing and cooking meat emulsion and liquid or traditional smoking. We can also closely focus on peeling development. We are already in the process of learning and innovating, and we believe this space will aid us in improving our current products and developing better ones in the future.