Long-shirred products

Nowadays, almost every industry requires constant development and suppliers of stuffing machinery for Wienie-Pak cellulose casing. Better and more powerful machinery is something that the industry is striving to find. Recently, many companies such as Townsend, Vemag, Handtmann, and Hitec have introduced new machinery to the market that needs a suitable casing for their performance and properties. The new machinery requires a change in the stuffing speed and parameters, which are now almost sixty centimeters, causing ViskoTeepak to develop long-shirred products.

What are these products?
Long-shirred products are specific products that fit each customer's technology and equipment. A growing interest in longer products is specifically for Alkar J-con lines - when more feet shirr into the same strand length. The same trend is in a larger hornfit, increasing the inside diameter of the strand while keeping the same strand length and number of feet. ViskoTeepak's shirring machine development allows us to prepare for the new challenges in the market. The number continues to grow, while Wienie-Pak's longest strands are already achieving 56 cm.

Ask your ViskoTeepak sales representant for more information regarding long-shirred products.