Cellulose casing to clothing

ViskoTeepak is popularly known around the world as the leading manufacturer of artificial casing in the food industry. Being a global brand, ViskoTeepak prides itself on tailor-made casing and packaging solutions. A recent relationship with one of our former employees has opened a whole new “Tailor-made avenue” for us. We live in a world where biodegrading and recycling are the key to the future, and now it is on the verge of being the new “cool” in the fashion world!

Barbora Mrazkova – A Young Icon for Sustainable Fashion 
The future of fashion has taken a surprise turn in the era of fast fashion. We have witnessed that people are aware of sustainable fashion in the modern age. Barbora Mrazkova’s perspective has brought this forward. She is a 20-year-old fashion design student at the Fashion Design School in Prostejov. Barbora has showcased her version of clothing made from recyclable material. Her final work on recycling revolved around this dress designed from Wienie-Pak cellulose casing donated by ViskoTeepak. Yes, you heard that right!

The Road to Inspiration
The talented 20-year-old worked at ViskoTeepak in the Spring of 2019. While working with our team, she noticed that most of the cellulose is utilized, but some is left as waste after being checked for quality. At the same time, she was looking for some inspiration for her school project. Her focus was on ecology, and the subject of recycling came to mind. All the pieces started to fit together. Her idea was to utilize the waste to a certain extent in her future work. That was the turning point for Mrazkova. The teachers recommended that she sign up for the “Young Fashion Creator” in Jihlava. Her creativity and expression of design aesthetic impressed competition the judges. Based on that, she won the first prize.

Congratulations Barbora!