Covid-19 update

To whom it may concern,

A second wave of COVID-19 outbreak is hitting many European countries in the fall of this special year 2020. Looking at the daily news, one can see the governments, in practice, are putting the countries in a lock down again to limit the contact between people and thus the rapid spreading of this virus. At the same time, the authorities are taking measures to keep the businesses open with focus on the health care and food supply.

Since the start of this pandemic, ViskoTeepak was able to keep producing and serving our customers without any interruption by swiftly introducing functional preventive actions at our manufacturing facilities. We have been living our ‘Make food more accessible’ mission every day, over and over again. Naturally we have also learned from the first wave during the spring and believe that we are more than ever prepared to keep our people healthy and continue to ship according to our customer needs.

Keeping our people healthy is the priority for continuity. Therefore, where possible, people are working from home. Anyhow the nature of our business is such that many people need to be in the plants to actually make the product, here we have Corona work groups that daily update and implement all necessary measures based on new insights and circumstances. Respecting the social distance, mandatory face masks everywhere and hand washing are the key elements, fine-tuned with several additional tailor-made measures at the respective plants. Despite the additional cost this has brought, we are ready to continue investing in the preventive work striving to ensure continuous production. We also stopped traveling in full and do not allow any visitors in our manufacturing units.

When it comes to raw material supply and transportation, our purchasers in the company are continuously checking with our suppliers to stay on top of the developments in their facilities. It pleases us to see that our critical suppliers are taking equal measures and, so far, are able to supply us with the products and volumes we need.

Our commercial team is working hard to stay in contact with the many partners and customers we have around the world. All to understand how we best can support your needs. ViskoTeepak has not discontinued any production so far and kept delivering the orders as promised.
We are committed to re-invent ourselves when needed. We will not hesitate to inform you when seeing any development which we expect to affect our capability to supply.
Please take good care of yourselves, your families and your colleagues!

Tom Pussinen
VP Marketing & Sales

Luc Van Erom
VP Operations