White mold with Fibrous Super Protect

Super Protect is a designed tailor-made solution for high demanding white mold salamis. Its development involved extensive customer feedback and rigorous field testing.

ViskoTeepak makes a wide range of fibrous casings for multiple applications. The variety of solutions is a result of close collaboration and involvement with the customer. Recently the Preserve casing was introduced, and
now it's time for Super Protect to show up on the other side of that golden medal.

Typical applications:
• Winter Salami
• Hungarian salami
• Rossette
• All applications with ripening times of up to 10-12 weeks, depending on the size and final quality. Longer ripening times require testing

Compared to the casings used traditionally in whitemold applications (nonedible collagen, HUKKI and natural casing), the following benefits of a fibrous casing come into play with Super Protect:
• Excellent size control and stability
• High strength and clippability
• Large range of adhesion levels

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