Responsible energy production

Resolute development to ensure responsible energy production

Energy and water company Adven has been a long-term partner of ViskoTeepak in the Hanko plant. A heating plant that uses biofuels was built in the factory area in 2012-2013, and since then Adven has taken the responsibility for operation and maintenance of the heating plant as well as its 24/7 surveillance according to a partnership model. The aim of Adven is to provide ViskoTeepak with trouble-free round-the-clock thermal production.

”Operations are developed in close cooperation with ViskoTeepak and for instance the emissions of energy production are followed systematically”, says sales manager Teemu Kivimäki from Adven. ”Earlier the thermal energy required by the Hanko plant was produced using heavy fuel oil. Taking the heating plant into operation six years ago replaced it almost completely with biofuels.”

In 2018, 96% of the thermal energy required by the ViskoTeepak Hanko factory was produced with domestic biofuels. The remaining 4% was produced with liquid petroleum gas, and its use is primarily limited to the yearly maintenance break of the heating plant.

The carbon dioxide emissions of the thermal plant in 2018 were down 97% compared to 2012, when it became operational. Annual emissions of 8500 tonnes CO2 from heavy fuel oil combustion has been reduced to 280 tonnes of CO2 emissions from biofuel and propane combustion.

The total output of the heating plant serving the ViskoTeepak Hanko factory is 12 MW, consisting of a 6 MW boiler for solid fuels and a 6 MW peak power boiler. The operation of the heating plant is allocated to a named plant operator, who takes care of fuel availability and continuous energy production. Additionally, the Hanko heating plant is under continuous remote surveillance from the Adven central control room in Vantaa.