plastic sausage casing Nova X

Nova — It just makes sense!

ViskoTeepak's highly successful Nova tubular plastics product line has grown tremendously over the years by delivering reliable performance and ensuring great value in our customers' operations. Our team makes sure we bring immediate, measurable benefits for each customer's unique application. Our signature ViskoTeepak customer service, combined with a great product, has made ViskoTeepak's Nova the industry's top choice, and our sales growth shows it.

Nova is more than merely a show horse with its wide variety of colors, surface finishes and high-definition print quality. It’s also a workhorse when it comes to improving product yield and providing efficient, reliable performance day after day!

We at ViskoTeepak truly enjoy finding ways to bring our customer’s operational savings, high performance and a product that, simply put, “just works.” However, while it seems that we often effortlessly bring top-notch solutions to our customers, a lot is going on behind the scenes in development, specification and data collection to make sure you aren’t just buying a product. With Nova, you’re buying a solution that will not only work but will reduce your costs and increase your sales! So, if you want to rein in your expenses while making your sales gallop, Nova is the right choice!

Case Study — Improved Yield

A great example of our optimization approach with customers is a national account who we found was experiencing yield losses far higher than they should be with  their existing tubular plastic. Our Nova product has a wide variety of meat adhesion control levels available, from maximizing the meat release to having a strong meat adhesion. After analyzing the entire process, our technicians validated our Nova Meat Release Plus structure. We were able to increase the customers’ finished product yield by 1.4 percent, which translated to $224,000 annual cost savings! As part of the development we designed the casing for fast, ergonomic casing removal for final slicing. This allowed the customer to produce faster while reducing the workload on the employees! As in many cases, the savings we can bring through efficiency and product optimization improvements may be more than the cost of the Nova product itself!

ViskoTeepak’s Triple Crown philosophy of Trust, Ambition and Fun will deliver not only a product and outstanding customer service, but measurable value! Give us a call today about our Nova product or one of our many other high performance product solutions! When it comes to bringing you total value, ViskoTeepak is in a one horse race!