LCC smoked semi-dry

Large-Code Cellulose Casings

When thinking about casings that could be used for large- to medium-caliber sausages, it’s a force of habit to consider fibrous, non-edible collagen, plastic and even gut. However, a very traditional type of casing made of basic sustainable material, cellulose, is usually forgotten. It’s the so-called LCC (Large Cellulose Casing).

LLC is attractive for commercial and technical reasons

With its thin-wall construction (approx. 40 µ) made of pure cellulose without a paper carrier, the LCC’s stuffing caliber can vary within 3% of the recommended stuffing diameter. For most sausages sold as single logs, the final stuffed size isn’t an issue. Besides, its variations are more than offset by the main properties of the LCC casings: high permeability, excellent peelability and ease of use. Ideal permeability to air, smoke and moisture makes LLC casings the preferred choice for a wide range of applications.

LCC was originally reintroduced by ViskoTeepak a few years ago as an alternative to fibrous casings for certain applications. Now is the time to extend the range of available calibers and make LCC suitable for more products. 

Accordingly, last January ViskoTeepak ran a new series of LCC trials with 9 different stuffing calibers between 42 and 63 mm. For those trials, the casing was manufactured in a clear type and various smoke-colored versions. Smoke colors give the final product an attractively uniform natural-smoke appeal with limited actual smoke treatment.

New technical and commercial data about LCC will be collected over the next few months. Additionally, an alternative packaging solution will be studied. The data will be published in the next edition of Solutions.

For details, please contact Cellulose Casing Business Unit Director Marc Vrijsen.