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Genius & D-tech, a winning concept

Wienie-Pak D-Tech, 5 ways the D-Tech and Tomra detection and sorting system will redefine safety and efficiency in the sausage production industry

The exclusive partnership of ViskoTeepak and TOMRA Sorting Solutions in developing the D-TECH instant detectable cellulose casing system is taking off! ViskoTeepak, a world-leading casing manufacturer, and TOMRA Sorting Solutions, a world leader of automated sorting systems, have jointly developed this innovative approach to not only improve food safety but also to reduce customer operating costs, the risks of product recalls and complaints. Here are five ways this system will positively affect customers who are moving into the new generation using this technology. With all the value we bring with this system, it is our goal that this system will cost you nothing. In fact, it will rapidly reduce your operating costs and pile up your annual savings while helping you make a better product with greater safety and consistency. It’s every manufacturer’s dream!

Just as new autonomous vehicle safety features--including Forward Collision Avoidance and Lane Departure Prevention--are taking off in the automotive industry by greatly enhancing driver safety and efficiency, the D-TECH / TOMRA system is designed to bring a revolutionary improvement to the food industry. 

ViskoTeepak’s D-TECH cellulose is constructed with a special food-safe additive that allows for instantaneous casing detection during sausage processing while appearing completely clear, if needed, for enhanced color inspection in the smokehouse.

The TOMRA Sorting Solutions Genius system is a world-proven automated detection and sorting machine that’s used at more than 1,000 locations in a variety of industries. Featuring a combination of high resolution optical cameras and laser technologies, this highly reliable modular system is proven to identify and sort out product that does not meet predefined profiles.

Let’s take a look at five ways this system brings customers tremendous value:

1. Labor savings

Shortages of labor are a reality in the food industry and may be increasing. Plus, there are the added costs of tasking valuable employees for non-value-added inspection and rework operations. The D-TECH / TOMRA system has shown to reduce labor for inspection and rework by over 70 percent! In a recent system installation, it reduced the labor needs from five employees to one, and statistics from thousands of TOMRA installations show that these kinds of results are common. ViskoTeepak and TOMRA will work with you to analyze your expected potential savings in this area. 

2. Improved throughput

The need to stop and restart production due to inspection and rework not only adds labor cost but also slows your throughput and increases the cost per unit produced. With the D-TECH / TOMRA system you can process thousands of pounds (i.e., tons) per hour more efficiently than ever. For example, the Genius Model 640 processes 3,000 pounds (1.5 tons) of product per hour and has the capability to sort different defects into separated streams, greatly reducing the rework time.

The Genius machine is available in 4 different models: 



Genius 640

3,000 lb/hr (1.5 t/hr)

Genius 1200

6,000 lb/hr (3 t/hr)

Genius 1600 

8,000 lb/hr (4 t/hr)

Genius 2000

10,000 lb/hr (5 t/hr)

3. Tireless inspection 

While we humans blink, are distracted, need breaks and get tired, all of which raises the potential for errors and missed defect removals, the D-TECH / TOMRA system works tirelessly and is on the job 100 percent of the time! The built-in multiple automated sensing systems provide many sets of unblinking “eyes” to detect and remove a huge and easily programmable variety of defect profiles. With a completely food-industry-approved, wash-down-safe equipment design, the cleaning of the equipment is a simple part of your regular sanitation procedure.

4. Multiple profile detection

ViskoTeepak has worked with TOMRA to enhance the Genius system so that it not only provides enhanced detection of our D-TECH casing but also detects and sorts multiple product profiles to help you make the most consistent product ever! You can quickly design your own custom product profiles for detection and turn them off or on with the press of a button on the easy-to-use touch-screen interface. Long or short link geometry, “touch spots,” subtle color variations, casing colors and foreign materials (FMs) are some of the most popular profiles you can set and let the system do the work for you! Each product type can have its own set of profiles that you simply turn on and off as well, making it easy to handle the full range of products you process through the equipment. ViskoTeepak’s D-TECH cellulose technology allows the most reliable casing sorting. It uses the onboard Genius laser system, which provides instantaneous detect-and-sort functionality.

5. Enhanced food defense

Food safety is increasingly important, and consequently foreign materials in finished product can trigger customer complaints and even Class II or Class III product recalls. The average cost of a food-product recall in the USA is estimated at $10 million due to the effects of brand damage, direct recall costs and lost sales. With an automated installation such as our D-TECH / Genius system, you’ll add a new layer of security to your operation while encouraging your employees to know and understand the types of defects or inconsistencies that are important to protect your company and brand.

We take a partnership approach with a D-TECH / TOMRA system. Employee training and education provide a key part of any system installation, as they represent our effort to be a valuable long-term partner for each customer. ViskoTeepak is “always around,” and we want every product we provide to be a “win-win” for you, our customer in bringing value and improvement to your operation. 

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