Fibrous Spiral Shirring

Fibrous Spiral Shirring

This article is about ViskoTeepak Spiral Shirring, a technology that really sets ViskoTeepak apart from the competition.

What’s the difference?

The ViskoTeepak Spiral Shirring is a technology used for Fibrous casings. The secret behind the technology starts with the in-house design and construction of the parts and components used in the shirring operation.

The story starts with the idea of continuous development and that we always need to push the limits in our production and technologies. Through the concept of spiral shirring, we were able to push the limits farther than before, thereby optimizing quality, efficiency and consistency in our operation and that of the customer.

Improved performance in all areas

ViskoTeepak now offers the greatest shirred lengths in the market in combination with the best stuffing-tube fit. We can combine these top of the line benefits with RTU / No Soak possibilities or optimized soaking properties, all adding up to a more consistently high-quality stuffing operation for the customer.

For customers who require a soaking step in production, we can enhance the strands to a denser state than water, allowing the strands to sink without external influence and thereby ensuring perfectly even soaking.

Our high-performance RTU can also eliminate the soaking step for many dry sausage manufacturers. For those who still want to soak before stuffing, our strands are packed in a net and ready to soak out of the box.

Maximum meters per strand

The spiral shirring also includes a new process that compresses strand lengths from 20–100 meters, into strands of 40–80 centimeters.

5 benefits of spiral shirring

  1. ViskoTeepak does more meters per strand
  2. ViskoTeepak spiral-shirred fibrous casings allow for optimized stuffing tube diameter
  3. Spiral shirrs provide sinkable strands and absolute consistency
  4. ViskoTeepak Fibrous is customized with the best hornfit and clip/loop options
  5. All engineering is designed and constructed in-house – and is therefore ViskoTeepak exclusive