We at ViskoTeepak want to base our business and our culture on three Company Values: Trust, Ambition and Fun. But what do we mean when we talk about these values?


Trust is built on credibility, being fair and treating each other with respect. We earn trust by delivering on our promises, which is particularly true for how we manage our business and our people. Respecting your colleagues regardless of their age, sex or race is a base requirement for a fair working community.


We have a strong desire to be the best and want to be ambitious on our road to success. That is why we will walk the extra mile to help our customers and partners to succeed in their business. Our “can-do” mentality creates energy and by providing training and development opportunities, we make sure we reach our goals.


Fun is created by being successful in achieving your goals and by working with a team of people that you trust and feel connected to. It creates the energy that we need for taking on the next challenge!