11 innovations released at IFFA

We are happy to inform that IFFA was a success. We presented 11 innovations. Fibrous: Glide, LCXL, CRF, Preserve, Spiral Shirring. Wienie-Pak: D-Tech, Grillmark, Logoprint, Multicolor. Nova: Meat Adhesion Control and Monolayer. 

Fibrous Glide

The Glide Fibrous casing is a special development for the stuffing of whole muscle and pieces of meat in artificial casings. Shirred Fibrous casings allow for easy, fast and efficient operating procedures with less time consumption and labor.

Wienie-Pak D-Tech

A variety of casing types that allow producers to verify that the casings are completely removed. A completely new innovation in the world of casing and a unique possibility for sausage producers to increase speed and improve quality. 

Fibrous Sprial Shirring

We can now offer you more metres per strand, optimized diameter of the stuffing horn, sinking strands for perfect soaking and absolute consistency, customization to the best horn-fit and clip/loop options. 

Fibrous LCXL

Will be available in adhesion levels that cater for the regular and Easy Peel segments on top of the standard Meat Cling option. This creates a great basic casing that is suitable for a wider range of applications.

Fibrous CRF (Collagen Replacement Fibrous)

We all know Fibrous brings superior handling qualities and outperforms collagen in most aspects, so how would it sound if we told you we can now offer all the advantages of our strong, consistent and high speed fibrous packed in the mat outlook of collagen?

Nova Meat Adhesion Control

Meat Adhesion casing helps to prevent common problems during processing when the protein does not cling to the plastic casing. Meat Release casing helps to improve the peeling and slicing operations when the productivity needs to be high. The casing helps to minimize the purge during peeling for those products with high protein content. 

Wienie-Pak Logoprint

The new ViskoTeepak Logo-Print casing provides you with the unique possibility to promote your brand by imprinting it on your final product. 

Fibrous Preserve

Preserve is a casing with antimycotic properties, where the level of antifungal strength can be adjusted so that it always provides the perfect level of protection for the most demanding conditions. 

Wienie-Pak Grillmark

Grillmark Wienie-Pak casing uses a special thermal process to make the surface of frankfurters, hot dogs and similar types of sausages more attractive and create an out of the box grill pattern as standard. 

Nova Monolayer

Nova Monolayer provides excellent peelability, smoke permeability and tailored adhesion levels. 

Wienie-Pak Multicolor

Optimize your visability in the market with the highest quality multiprinting on ViskoTeepak Wienie-Pak casings. Our high productivity and easy handling cellulose casing can be tailored with customer specific printing options.