ViskoTeepak films

ViskoTeepak Vivid films with a combination of features that enables high performance on all of today’s leading equipment. Multiple gauge, treatment, shrink and color options make it the easy choice. High quality printing capabilities will allow upgrading graphics to the latest designs. Wide sealing temperature ranges provide a reliable seal at high speeds.

Vivid high performance films are optimized for a variety of applications and thermoforming packages, both vertical form fill, horizontal form fill and seal applications. The films ensure ease of use, high yields, great operational efficiency, excellent product presentation and overall improved profitability.

ViskoTeepak can also assist with technical experts ensuring accurate specification and optimum product design for maximizing efficiency and product performance from the production line to the end user.

Optimized barrier, shrink & performance

Vivid films can be optimized with special characteristics such as easy peel in thermoforming film applications to improve yields in a cook in product. We constantly work with our customers to improve the overall performance of operations using an extensive range of packaging solutions. Vivid films can meet even the most stringent criteria for a broad range of applications. Extend shelf life with high barrier, while special VFFS and HFFS films ensure a smooth, wrinkle free finish and optimum yields.

Enhanced Film Color and Finishes

A wide selection of colors are available, some film products offer both matte and gloss finishes - providing deep, rich and remarkable color to your finished package presentation.

Optimum Print Quality

Up to 10-color photo quality printing is second to none. Vivid colors and eye-catching imaging produces a high quality look to increase shelf visibility, maximizing sales and profit.

Our Fibrous, Wienie-Pak and Nova casings are offered worldwide. Our packaging materials and brands are offered in selected areas, primarily in the USA and Germany. To learn more, contact your local sales manager or partner. Contact details can be found under contact page at