SCF films

SCF non-barrier plastics

SCF is the choice for everything from soups to chili, poultry to frozen ground beef and pork sausage retail products; SCF is a true packaging workhorse. SCF is offered as both flat films and tubular casing with great economic gains and fast lead times. We also offer advanced printing when using as final packaging.

Manufactured in the USA, the structures of SCF provide a sustainable advantage, with recycling and biodegradable options available. SCF has been the solution of choice since 1980 with outstanding performance on the latest equipment in the market, allowing you to run trouble free for maximum efficiency. High efficiency means a lower cost per pound of production. The low water vapor transmission rate means you minimize moisture loss, increasing yields.

Sustainable Advantages

SCF is a Class 2 HDPE and Class 4 LDPE recyclable product, helping maintain the sustainability of our precious environment. Also available as Regressa type, which is biodegradable at a rate based on your application.

Custom Structural Specification

ViskoTeepaks experienced technical personnel will specify the right SCF product to ensure maximum performance while gaining economical advantages for the application. Four different SCF base types, wide range of gauges, treatments as well as tints and colors for success in a variety of applications.

Wide Range of Printed Options

SCF printing capabilities reduce high labor costs and inconsistent appearance of label applications, especially on frozen products where labels can more readily release. New advanced printing available.

Our Fibrous, Wienie-Pak and Nova casings are offered worldwide. Our packaging materials and brands are offered in selected areas, primarily in the USA and Germany. To learn more, contact your local sales manager or partner. Contact details can be found under contact page at