All over the world, we see the effects of a global industrial evolution and growing concern over the greenhouse effect and climate change. We feel it is every company’s and every individual’s responsibility to play their part in order to protect our planet’s future. At ViskoTeepak, we have implemented systems and procedures for waste management and energy control.

We try to minimise and recycle all waste that is generated through our operations. We have also implemented air and water cleaning systems that minimise the negative environmental effects on our surroundings.

Global Reporting Initiative

To be transparent, we have chosen to use the GRI reporting framework designed by the United Nations. It allows us to report on what we do in a systematic way and to choose the items we want to prioritise. By reporting the annual ViskoTeepak Sustainability report, we can track progress and also explain what is behind the figures.

Our second edition of sustainability report can be read here.