We like partnership

Within ViskoTeepak, we believe in partnership. We believe in doing business for the long-term, and we believe that one of our biggest strengths is to be found in the support we offer customers. ViskoTeepak do not only offer casing; we offer the full solution and some of the best support available for the processed meat industry.

We believe in teamwork, and it is through helping and learning from others that we attain success. Therefore, ViskoTeepak is working with the biggest partner network in the casing industry. Through our partners in over 80 countries around the world we not only offer our products, but we can also offer a huge amount of technical knowledge and expertise, not only on casings but also regarding the meat processing industry as a whole. We stand ready to meet you, answer your questions and do our best to offer the best support possible.

We will meet you together with our sales partner in your area, but it is in partnership with you that we move this business forward and create the most productive solutions in the casing world.