Our Business

Principles and guiding values

Taking responsibility

With the goal to work in a sustainable way for the environment and the community around us, as well as be a good employer that takes responsibility for workplace safety and the health of our employees. ViskoTeepak has a social obligation to our employees, but we also need to look at the needs of our planet’s future and minimise the environmental risks of our operations. We feel our future lies in being a good employer and conducting business with good ethics and in a responsible way.

Being a good employer

In all parts of the world and in all parts of our business, we believe in being a good employer, by supporting and adhering to all fair labour codes and practices. We want our employees to enjoy their work and to be proud to say that they work for ViskoTeepak

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our employees and the community around us will always come first in ViskoTeepak. The viscose process and casing production implies certain risks and our success depends entirely upon ensuring safety in all parts of our operations. We follow the guidelines and audit ourselves through the established routines of the BRC-IOP standard. On top of this, we try to anticipate and recognise health hazards in the working environment and work with effective risk management, by monitoring all parts of our operations and working for a safety first culture. We drive and support each other by using common courtesy in everything we do; for us, it is showing respect to our employees and the first step in working in an ethically sustainable way. We also always take responsibility for our actions and stand accountable if something goes wrong.

Sustainable development for the environment

All over the world, we see the effects of a global industrial evolution and growing concern over the greenhouse effect and climate change. We feel it is every company’s and every individual’s responsibility to play their part in order to protect our planet’s future. At ViskoTeepak, we have implemented systems and procedures for waste management and energy control. We try to minimise and recycle all waste that is generated through our operations. We have also implemented air and water cleaning systems that minimise the negative environmental effects on our surroundings.