Expo Carnes 2017


Expo Carnes is the main meat-processing trade show in Mexico and Central America. This year it took place in Monterrey between March 1 and March 3. It was the seventh time that ViskoTeepak participated in this show since the company established its presence in Mexico.
When thinking about casings that could be used for large- to medium-caliber sausages, it’s a force of habit to consider fibrous, non-edible collagen, plastic and even gut. However, a very traditional type of casing made of basic sustainable material, cellulose, is usually forgotten.
The exclusive partnership of ViskoTeepak and TOMRA Sorting Solutions in developing the D-TECH instant detectable cellulose casing system is taking off!
ViskoTeepak will participate in Expo Carnes next week March 1–3. As always the exhibition takes place in Monterrey, Mexico and the exhibitor list have around 200 companies that will share the 18,000 m2 floor space.
Please be informed that the partnership between ViskoTeepak Oy and DAT-Schaub A/S on distribution of Visko fibrous casings in Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, and Sweden is coming to an end.
ViskoTeepak differentiates the products in our packaging materials group from our lines of casing products, with the largest difference being that casings have a higher level of interaction and design during the filling and cooking processes, while packaging materials focus more on the post-proce
If you’re familiar with ViskoTeepak and our innovations over the last several years, there is no doubt you’ve heard about our MAX Fibrous casings.
Alginate co-extrusion Vista Gel is offered in USA
ViskoTeepak expert Willy Böhme from Hamburg writes about his practical experience.
The closed end is a very important part of the cellulose casing strand. Cellulose casing strands with closed ends are used during the automatic stuffing of many skinless sausages, from Hot Dogs, Corn Dog Frankfurters, Cocktail Wieners, Bratwurst and many other types of products.