Nova X

Nova X is a multilayer casing designed for all types of round products. It is a high performance casing suitable for mortadella, chorizo, liver sausage, ground beef, soy products, pathé and different cheese products.
Nova X is a multilayer oriented casing that is perfect for both manual and automatic production lines. The shrinkage gives the product a smooth surface without wrinkles and purge. The casing is constructed of five layers to give the finished product the desired shelf life and extremely low weight loss during cooking and storage. The casing has excellent peelability, but still has enough meat adhesion to produce a wrinkle-free product after cooking and cooling.

Tailor-making five layers

With a five layer casing like X it is possible to tailor make the casing to fit many applications. It is suitable for applications that are stuffed hot, as it offers excellent moisture and gas barriers and always provides an excellent size control in round products.

All Nova products are offered in a wide range of calibers, colours and converting possibilities. Therefore, they are perfectly suited for both products that use the casing as the consumer package as well as products that will be peeled and sliced at the producer. Ideally, this is a casing for cooked products that do not require smoking or drying.

Conformable casing

Nova X can be stuffed either dry or soaked. Depending on the customer application, some will reach better performance using a soaked casing while others by stuffing the casing dry. By soaking the casing, the customer will increase the stretch of the casing and therefore stuff the product to a somewhat larger diameter.

Zero weight loss

The weight loss during the cooking cycle is 0 percent for Nova X plastic casing. It is possible to use a cooking programme similar to fibrous casing but we recommend a slightly higher internal core temperature during cooking. This affects the shelf life of the cooked sausage or full meat product in a beneficial way as this increase in the cooking temperature considerably reduces the amount of bacteria in the sausage and therefore increases the pasteurisation value.