Nova Slice

Nova SL is the perfect plastic casing for the big producer that requires a strong plastic casing optimised for easy peeling and slicing. With in-house slicing operations becoming more common by the day, ViskoTeepak has developed the Nova SL casing that is ideal for producers that want to have an economical product for peeling, slicing and repacking the end product in consumer packaging – everything in the one production line. 

Ready to use

The Nova SL is a multilayer oriented casing that works for most cooked products, both round and moulded, that do not require smoking or drying. The Nova SL requires no soaking, as it is ready to use straight out of the box. It offers great performance in both cooking and slicing operations and looks great in the final package for the self-service or deli bar. With ready to use SL casing, you will get a perfect uniform caliber consistency that is ideal for the portion market.

Increase your slice of the profits

Nova Slice is an efficiency-oriented product with excellent barrier properties during the production process, and its shrink and size stability guarantee the highest quality, with every slice looking the same. By tailor making the five-layer construction to fit your application, it is possible to optimise the shrink force and adjust the meat adhesion to minimise purge while maximising the output and consistency of your operations. To put it simply, we want our products to increase your production and slicing yields as well as increase your slice of the profits.