Nova Monolayer

Looking for a high quality monolayer casing for all different types of applications? Nova Monolayer provides excellent peelability, smoke permeability and tailored adhesion levels. The Nova monolayer casing is categorized in three groups for different types of applications, all providing high quality and consistency. 

Nova S 

The Nova Smoke casing is primarily designed for smoke applications. It is constructed with a special plastic material that allows smoke to penetrate through the casing while still providing excellent peelability in combination with customized meat adhesion to produce a wrinkle-free end-product. The Nova Smoke casing is ideal for cooked and smoked products like Teewursts and Mettwurts. 

Nova U

The standard Nova U is designed for customers selling their products with casing on. The Nova U combines great outlook with high productivity in process. It is a great casing when you want to avoid weight loss both in the production process as well as during storing.

Nova C

The Nova C casing is a typical Chorizo application casing with semi-permeable barrier properties. The benefits of the Nova C include extended shelf life, high strength and good bacterial resistance during production. The main application for this type of casing is the Chorizo which can be stuffed manually or with high speed machinery.  The product has an excellent caliber consistency that guarantees the same length and caliber of each stuffed piece. The chorizo casing can be printed.