Nova Ham Mold

Nova Ham Mold is designed for products with a shape that is not round, such as square-shaped hams. It has high shrinkage properties providing the product with a smooth surface without wrinkles and purge, as well as neat corners and perfect ends. Nova Ham Mold can be used for products that use the casing as the consumer package. The casing is perfect for cooked products that do not require smoking or drying. It is a five layer oriented casing with high shrinkage that gives finished products the desired shelf life and outstanding appearance. Nova HM also offers extremely low weight loss during cooking and storage. The casing also offers excellent peelability for when the casing is not used as consumer packaging.

Molding the perfect solution

Nova HM is designed for products produced with a shape that is not round, such as square shaped hams. When used for products that use the casing as the consumer package as well as products that will be peeled and sliced at the producer, the multi-layer construction gives the product an extended shelf life meaning the product can also be shipped in the casing to customers who want to peel – slice – repack in consumer packaging. Nova HM is offered according to a flat width in mm to allow for slack filling.  


A cooking programme similar to the one used for a fibrous casing can be used. As the weight loss during the cooking cycle is 0 percent for a Nova HM plastic casing, a slightly higher internal core temperature during cooking can be used. This affects the shelf life of the cooked sausage/ham or full meat product in a beneficial way as this increase in the cooking temperature considerably reduces the amount of bacteria in the sausage/ham and thereby improves the pasteurisation value.