Fibrous Xtreme

The patented Xtreme casing solution is an extremely high efficient casing that is perfect for the tough large producer conditions where the casing needs to cope with hard stuffing and high speed peeling. Xtreme is the ideal casing in semidry and dry sausage production for in-house peeling where performance and peeling control are crucial.

Xtreme conditions

ViskoTeepak has developed a truly unique casing for the most extreme conditions and production processes. Xtreme makes it possible to push the limits for production, and with perfectly modified adhesion and release properties it is possible to reach the highest yields in all steps of the sausage production process. The strength of the casing not only makes it possible to stuff at the highest speeds; it also allows for perfect caliber stability and maximized sausage length.

A true innovation

The secret of the Xtreme innovation is in the structure and makeup combination of the multilayer fibrous casing. The casing construction and performance are made unique by using a DVC method and injecting the inside layer with adhesion promoter combined with the injection of peel aid into the outer layer. The outer layer peel aid injection also has a moisture retention function, which in our own test kitchen has given sausage makers the option to dry out their sausages faster without the case hardening.

Controlling both cling and peel

What you end up with is a product that has all the advantages of good meet adhesion, but with adhesion control modified and tailor-made according to your process it is still possible to reach perfect peeling conditions. We can offer two standard adhesion levels (XM HPU & XM HPM) with the possibility to tailor-make according to your specific process requirements.

Essentially, this casing allows for controlled meat cling levels in the initial steps of the sausage production process. But when also adding a fixed rate peel injection, you will achieve assist peeling and moisture retention by the time the sausages leave the rack.