Fibrous XL

The light yet exceptionally strong ViskoTeepak Fibrous casing XL allows for higher yields in sausage processing, which in turn translates into better overall profitability for your manufacturing operations. Improved yields are naturally the main goal of every big meat producer today, and Fibrous XL is all about delivering bigger yields.

Stretching the limits – boosting the profits

The XL is a thinner casing due to the process of regeneration of cellulose viscose on a long fiber paper web. Thanks to its excellent stretchability, Fibrous XL is flexible but still utterly reliable and easy to handle. This strong casing allows for safer stuffing of cold salami emulsion and there is also less reject due to the casing’s high mechanical strength. Good permeability and wrinkle-resistance make Fibrous XL the perfect choice for semi-dry smoked/cooked sausages, portion sausages and a truckload of other high-quality end-products. At the end of the day, higher yields mean higher output thereby improving your profitability.

Case study:

XL fibrous e.g 6 % overstuffing (above RSD 48) results in well-shouldered product (à stuffing dia. 51 mm)

Overstuffing results in 12.8% savings in casing consumption when comparing e.g. against collagen casings (RSD 45/48)

1808 gram (caliber 48mm) / 1 meter
2041 gram (caliber 51mm) / 1 meter

If customer X produces 1,000 ton semi-dry smoked sausage
» with collagen, they need 553,000 meters casing
» with Fibrous XL, they need 490,000 meters casing
= 63,000 meters less casing required.