Fibrous ST

ViskoTeepak ST fibrous casing, with its superior size stability and permeability, is the perfect choice for many applications. Fibrous ST casings are typically used in products that consumers associate with the reliable quality of household brand names, such as smoked or cooked sausage and ham products.

Productive solutions with high quality

Thanks to its high calibre consistency and mechanical strength, ViskoTeepak ST casing performs reliably in all stages of processing. Excellent handling features ensure easy stuffing, both manual and mechanical, while meeting the strictest food safety and hygiene requirements.

Fibrous casing is also a biodegradable product based on natural, renewable raw materials. It is light but strong, with excellent stretchability for improved yields. Thanks to its high permeability, you can also reach superior quality in the smoking and cooking cycles, speeding up your whole business in the process.

From standard solutions to tailor-made products

Fibrous casings can be delivered in flat or pre-tied pieces, bundles or reels. It can be delivered in shirred strands to suit your high-speed stuffing requirements, both dry and pre-moisturized. A large range of colors is available to give your products a pleasant and sales-boosting appearance. In addition, the good printability of ViskoTeepak fibrous casings allows for effective brand differentiation on retail store shelves.

The basics of Fibrous

ViskoTeepak fibrous casings receive their unique properties from a combination of a specially-made paper base and a natural cellulosic covering. The paper base imparts strength and dimensional stability making it the best choice for high-speed sausage production plants. The cellulose impregnation provides permeability to water and smoke, and allows the casing stretch and shrink in accordance with the specific processing requirements of small or large scale producers.

Fibrous ST is the preferred choice for in-house slicing applications where the size control/stability of the sausage is critical or when the maximum casing strength is needed.

Typical applications where ST fibrous is used:

  • cooked sausages
  • smoked sausages
  • semi-dry sausages
  • dry sausages
  • various types of ham products
  • smoked cheese
  • sliced applications