Fibrous Max

Improve your productivity and maximize your output with ViskoTeepak Max fibrous casing. A specially designed extrusion process allows an extra high flat width that in turn creates a number of benefits. With an extra large inner bore of the shirred tube, it allows for an increased diameter of the stuffing horn that will speed up your process.

Production process improvements

  • Max allows a wider stuffing horn diameter that
  • brings faster stuffing speeds, reduces stuffing pressure and reduces the wear on machinery – meaning less downtime on the stuffing machines as well as lower costs in spare parts.
  • With less fat formation on the sausage surface you get reduced drying times that maximize the utilization of
  • dry room capacity.
  • Increased appeal of the final sausage thanks to improved particle definition. Larger cuts of meat can be stuffed through a larger horn with higher quality and an improved
  • appearance of the final product.
  • More consistent sausage diameter helps to improve slicing yieldsProvides new possibilities and increases efficiency with shirred casing for ham producers


The spiral shirring supplied by ViskoTeepak is state of the art shirring technology that is optimized for the ViskoTeepak Max casing. The greater yield on shorter sticks combined with the soakability of RTU (Ready to use) levels already give an edge. Combined with Fibrous Max, ViskoTeepak can supply you with shirred casings for the next size horn.

Benefits for all processed meat producers

For dry and semi-dry sausages, the diameter of the filling horn plays a crucial role in various process stages, as lower pump pressure has a direct impact on quality. In other words, by increasing horn size, you not only accelerate the ripening process but also enhance quality. The reverse is also true: if the existing quality is satisfactory, you can use the larger horn size to increase production speed. A larger filling horn requires more from shirring and casing.