Fibrous LCXL

Large Code XL

The high yield casing line XL has now been further developed and improved in larger calibers and in an even greater range to create the perfect fit for every application. If you are looking for a highly productive and cost-effective casing option for hams and luncheon meat products, then look no further … 

The XL family just got bigger in two ways. The new LCXL casing targets hams, luncheon meats and more. It comes in calibers 80-165 and brings all the regular benefits of the XL casing.

More options

LCXL will be available in adhesion levels that cater for the regular and Easy Peel segments on top of the standard Meat Cling option.  This creates a great basic casing that is suitable for a wider range of applications. 

Premium stuffing performance

LCXL is a strong and reliable casing that allows for easy stuffing. The light characteristics also benefit permeability and smoking absorbency as well as fast soaking procedures. 

Naturally nice outlook

By modifying the adhesion, colors and construction thickness, the LCXL offers a very nice mat outlook. In combination with exceptional shirring standards and shirring benefits that provides a direct added value in more meters per strand combined with good stuffing performance, LCXL offers a dynamic casing option from which most food producers can benefit. All XL casings are available in a variety of colors, both standard and by request. They are offered in various easy peel levels and characteristics. The new LCXL group is offered for applications that are often racked.