Fibrous Glide

The Easy Glide Fibrous casing is a special development for stuffing of whole muscle and pieces of meat in artificial casings. Shirred Fibrous casings allow for easy, fast and efficient operating procedures with less time consumption and labor. 

When filling or stuffing pork loins, hams, turkey hams, roast beef or other whole meat products in casings, the casing is exposed to very high pressure and strains. The casing therefore needs be of a very high quality construction combined with premium easy gliding features. 

Exact operations

ViskoTeepak Glide is the optimal casing solution for this segment, providing prime performance through its strong casing with a smooth inside. When using the Glide casing in pre-shirred strands combined with a double clip system, any food producer with the right setup can achieve an efficient operation procedure that reaches excellent length and weight requirements.

Customizable with options

The Glide casing can be customized to any customer’s wish to fit the specific needs of the desired process. It is well suited for use with fresh meat, cured or chopped pieces and for challenging spice coat applications. It can also be combined with multiple ViskoTeepak options like cut, tied and is available as RTU and with pre-smoke alternatives. 

High efficiency

The high productivity of the Glide casing results in direct value for the food processor. The construction and the premium EPG easy slide element results in fewer breakages and less waste. As always, ViskoTeepak casings allows for usage of supreme stuffing horn size and horn fit, in combination with best casing length and strand length ratio. In all, the Glide casing will result in a high efficient and reliable process for any food processor. 

Frozen applications

Another well known challenging segment is that of frozen products and handling the peeling in frozen applications. The Glide casing has also shown great results in this segment and has provided a much-needed, long-awaited solution for many customers.